Capturing Experience

Trailing Edge Boomers (born 1955- 1964)

Trailing Edge Boomers grew up during Watergate and the fall of Saigon. Unlike the leading edge boomers, they came of age during a poor economy and rising inflation. They’re said to be both less optimistic and more distrustful of government. They have been characterized as "realistic idealists with concerns for practicality" [Meridith, 2002].

Though the numbers are high when it comes to divorce and re-marriage, many are strongly committed to family and want the best for their kids. Job hopping and career changes are common. As they try to balance parenting, careers, and time for their own fulfillment, many are seeking greater control of their lives.

Like the Leading Edgers, it looks as if this group also will continue working beyond traditional retirement. According to some marketers, trailing edge boomers will continue to exhibit their individualism and focus on self-indulgence [Meridith, 2002].

Today's Trailing Edge Boomers are 42-52 years of age.

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